Tour guide volunteers

Our tour guides play a vital role in educating our visitors and are a valuable source of information and history. The tour guides provide visitors with a solid understanding of how the site came to be, what it is now and how they can get involved.

This role is great for history buffs and people who are comfortable speaking to crowds and those they don’t know. As a tour guide, you will lead groups of people through areas that are normally unseen by the public and inform them of the past, present and future uses of the rooms and buildings. Living memories have been collected from people who have had a strong connection with the Convent, such as some of the Sisters and women who used to live here. These stories underpin the tour guide script.

Our social history tours are currently run most Sundays of the year at 2pm. We also offer private group tours on weekdays, these also include Convent Made tours which focus on artist studios and current uses of the site. Tour guides are rostered on for approximately one tour a month.

All tours and volunteering are currently on hold. This page will be updated when opportunities become available.