Curating and Arts Management

    Successful applicants can work closely with the Director of c3 Contemporary Art Space, Jon Butt.

    Activities include assisting with the delivery of exhibitions, artist coordination, general gallery administration, attending the gallery, website content management, and assisting with the day-to-day operations of the art gallery. This internship provides administration and arts management skills development, as well as experience in curatorial management of the gallery, and some marketing experience.

    This position is currently filled. To register your interest in becoming an intern in the future and to be notified first when we're calling for applications, please fill out the form on the left-hand sidebar.

    What past interns had to say
    ''My internship with Jon Butt at c3 Contemporary Art Space has been invaluable to my arts career. The intern program was flexible as we negotiated tasks that were beneficial to both the gallery and my own growth. Initially signing on for a 3-month internship, I have now been at c3 for over a year as my responsibilities and passion for the space have grown. I've been able to work alongside amazing artists and curators in a supportive and generous environment. " Michelle Gordon, Curating and Arts Management Intern (2013)