The Abbotsford Convent Foundation

    The Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) is a company limited by guarantee formed and operating under the provisions of the Corporations Act. It is governed by a skills-based Board, responsible for strategic planning and long-term policy setting. The Board sets the vision and mission of the Abbotsford Convent Foundation and the Directors have the same responsibilities as any company director, so they must provide financial and fiduciary oversight and make sure that the ACF operates within all relevant laws. The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer and evaluates the CEO’s performance.

    Business Plan 17/18 – 21/22

    In 2016, the ACF Board delivered a new Strategic Plan for the Convent, which provided the direction for the ACF’s Business Plan 17/18 – 21/22.

    This Business Plan details the ACF’s new vision and values, strategic priorities, our market, what we will do and the results we are seeking in the short and medium term.

    This is a key time of change for the ACF and the Convent. The ACF is moving into a new phase of its history. In its first years, the priority was to ‘prove the model’ by ‘surviving,’ followed by a period of achieving a base level of financial sustainability. Now that this goal has been achieved, the next phase in the Convent’s trajectory is focussed on restoring and activating the whole site. The ACF will operate in a more integrated and connected way, driving organisational and community outcomes through using our assets with more ambition, while remaining true to our social purpose and the expectations of our community and partners.