Naturopathy & Homeopathy

    Kate Lukis

    Many years ago, Kate worked as a family support worker, helping navigate families through the chaos they experienced daily. These families had histories of trauma, children with special needs and everything in between. This work guided Kate to explore natural therapies and counselling to bring new, more effective ways of empowering individuals and families. Having two nephews diagnosed with autism, Kate sought to further explore treatments. She had the privilege to study under Dr Praful Barvalia, a specialist Homeopath in India, for nine months. Dr Barvalia specialises in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Difficulties and other childhood disorders. Seeing up to 100 patients daily, Kate was able to understand how to interpret these cases and prescribe with consistently excellent results. She observed quick, deep improvements in sensory issues, behaviour and speech. It has become clear that treating the child is only treating part of the issue. Each family member needs help. Kate and her partner Mark Lambrick tailor their working style to best suit the needs of each family member – recognising their different needs so they can move forward with hope for the future.

    BHSc Nat, Grad Dip Counseling, PG Hom (London)