Acupuncture, Manaka and Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Rebecca May Jahr

    With deep interest in reaching the heart of the issue with clients, Rebecca endeavours to bring a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. From musculoskeletal disorders, to stress / anxiety / depression, through to chronic health issues, there is no ailment unworthy of consideration. In order to treat different types of patients with varied needs, Rebecca seeks to develop a flexible style, informed by different streams of thought and practice, in order to reach each patient where they're at, and support them on the path to where they need to be. 


    Acupuncture works on the meridians; the nest, or the invisible lattice that joins each bodily organ and texture. The meridians carry Qi and Blood, which is the basis of the therapeutic system of acupuncture. Acupuncture works to regulate Qi to bring harmony back into that which is out of balance, whether it be through injury, chronic or acute illness, or mental ailments. 


    Manaka is a gentle, therapeutic practice. Manaka works on a subtle, energetic system that is considered the root of all systems in the body that develops embryonically. In treating this more primitive network or lattice, effects are seen to resonate to all systems within the body, the meridians inclusive.

    Chinese Herbal Medicine:

    Chinese Herbal Medicine is a stand alone therapy. When combined with Acupuncture and Manaka, herbal therapy provides additional and necessary therapeutic support. Herbs are prescribed on the basis of thorough diagnosis of the individual. Prescriptions may include several different Chinese herbs and come in either granule or pill form. 

    Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine), a Post-Graduate Certificate in Manaka Protocols and is registered with AHPRA, CMRB and ANTA.