Old School New School Typography

    Design & Typography School

    Old School New School for Design and Typography (OSNS) is a practice-led experimental type-craft laboratory and communication design studio that exists for rebels and dreamers, doers and makers who are seeking the unique design learning they deserve. The desire to craft solutions that make a positive impact on society and culture drives OSNS's work. It achieves this by working away from the prison of the computer screen that can be a cage for ideas and possibilities. OSNS has partnered with London’s The Future Lab, Amsterdam's The Slow Lab, The National Gallery of Victoria and Desktop Magazine.

    The school offers:

    • a communication design program featuring both laboratory and fieldwork learning projects
    • creative workshops in typography and hand-lettering 
    • short courses in typography and hand-lettering 
    • collaborations with inspiring allies

    Veronica Grow left the safety net of teaching within a bureaucratic institution and in 2012 founded OSNS. It was the realisation of Veronica's dream to provide a personal and authentic learning space, where she could build the confidence and encourage aspiring designers. The years spent working within the education system and design industry clarified to her that tertiary qualifications had ceased to make sense – being too expensive to gain and no longer guaranteeing a ticket to employment or personal satisfaction. While mainstream universities were closing down their craft and drawing programs, Veronica wanted to rebuild these disciplines on her own terms.