The Abbotsford Convent Foundation warmly thanks our current donors for their generosity in supporting the work of the ACF.

    Principal Donors

    Mr Michael Adena
    Mrs Anne Kantor AO
    & Dr Milan Kantor OAM
    Ms Maggie Maguire OAM
    Ms Pamela McLure

    Ms Ann E. Miller
    Mr Baillieu Myer AC & Mrs Sarah Myer
    Ms Sally Romanes

    Major Donors

    Ms Charlotte Allen
    Miss Betty Amsden AO DSJ
    Mr Rick Begg
    Mrs Helen Brack
    Mr Anthony Cullen
    Ms Suzanne Davies
    Ms Rosina Gilder
    Mr Peter Griffin AM
    Mr Graeme Johnson OAM& Mrs Joan Johnson
    Mr Ronald Alan Jones
    Mr David Laidlaw & Mrs Megan Laidlaw
    Ms Victoria Marles

    Prof Peter McPhee AM
    Ms Patricia O'Donnell
    Ms Michelle Quigley QC
    Mr Phillip Schudmak
    Mr Greg Shalit & Ms Miriam Faine
    Mr Mike Smith
    Lady Southey AC
    Ms Antonia Syme
    Ms Natalie Watson
    Ms Moyna Wilson

    Key Supporters

    Mr Marc Besen AC & Mrs Eva Besen AO
    Ms Collette Brennan
    Mr Frank Costa AO
    Ms Julia Cox
    Ms Alison Duncan
    Mrs Jean Hadges
    Mr Jonathon Harris-Fox
    Ms Petra Henkell
    Ms Diana Heggie
    Prof Andrea Hull AO
    Ms Anne Jaumeea

    Ms Jessica Luu
    Ms Christine Polyzos
    Mr Frederick Sim
    Ms Rosalind Smallwood
    Mr Michael Sokulski
    Prof Bob Sullivan
    Ms Judy Williams
    Anonymous x 1


    Ms Frankie Airey
    Mr Robert Akeroyd
    Ms Rikki Andrews
    Mr David Baile
    Ms Persa Bajada
    Ms Samantha Barrow
    Ms Joanne Bechaz
    Ms Bron Belcher
    Ms Theresa Bernstein
    Mr Paolo Bevilacqua
    Ms Julia Blunden
    Ms Emily Boyle
    Mr Peter Boyle & Dr Sally Manuell
    Mr Philip Brass
    Mr Adam Breman
    Ms Nathalie Brillon
    Mr Dan Brooks
    Ms Sheryl Bryce
    Ms Philippa Burne
    Mr Bill Bush
    Ms Sue Campbell
    Ms Danielle Caruana
    Ms Helen Casey
    Ms Suzy Chandler
    Mr Kai Chong
    Ms Mandy Coats
    Ms Sandie de Wolf AM
    Ms Katherine Dean
    Mr John Di Natale
    Ms Helen Donnard
    Ms Anna Dorevitch
    Ms Zoe Dorevitch
    Ms Anne Dowling
    Ms Kate Dowsley
    Mr Colin Easton
    Mr Haydon Elliot
    Mr Craig Ellis
    Ms Zoe Ellis
    Mr Andrew Evans
    Mr Anthony Felettigh
    Ms Janine Ferris
    Ms Alison Fisher
    Prof David Forrest
    Mr Bill Forwood
    Mrs Shirley Friedman
    Mr Peter Gawthrop
    Dr Sarah Gelbart
    Prof Jock Given
    Mr Benjamin Gordon-Schlosberg
    Dr Joan Grant
    Ms Meredith Greenwood & Prof Peter Rendell
    Ms Roslyn Grundy
    Ms Marjorie Hall
    Ms Ria Harrison
    Mr Tim Hartley
    Ms Sheila Heys
    Mr John Horacek
    Ms Susan Hull
    Ms Sue Johnson
    Ms Shae Johnson
    Mr Nico Jonker
    Mr Walter Kane
    Mr Stuart Kells
    Ms Jean Kemshal-Bell
    Mr Peter Kronborg
    Ms Sabine Kurz
    Mr Tony Lee

    Mr Russell Levy
    Mr Andris Liepa & Mrs Susan Liepa
    Ms Mei Lim
    Ms Glenda Lindsay
    Ms Joanne Luciani
    Ms Lindy Marlow
    Mr Craig Marshall
    Ms Helena McCallum
    Ms Caitlin McCleary
    Ms Cindy McLeish MP
    Mrs Margaret McNaughton
    Ms Avril McQueen
    Ms Margaret McVey
    Ms Claire Merquita
    Ms Judy Morton
    Ms Alexandra Murphy
    Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE & Lady Nossal
    Ms Anneke Oppewal
    Ms Louisa Osborne
    Ms Lynette Payne
    Mr Lukas Penney
    Dr David Piper
    Ms Tamsin Pritchard
    Mr Ian Renard AM & Mrs Diana Renard
    Mr Tom Rendell
    Ms Sarah Ripper
    Mr Warren Rixon
    Ms Miriam Robinson
    Ms Stephanie Rocke
    Ms Kate Rohde
    Mr Stephen Rowan
    Ms Christina Rowntree
    Ms Janey Runci
    Ms Erika Russell
    Ms Ellen Sandell
    Mr Sandeep Sarathy
    Ms Merilyn Smith
    Ms Kelvin Stingel
    Ms Melissa Stobbart
    Mr Tosh Szatow
    Mr Tom Taylor
    Prof Ian Thomas
    Ms Julia Thomson
    Ms Fiona Tinney
    Ms Ilona Topolcsanyi & Mr Colin Hopkins
    Ms Barbara Trauer
    Ms Maggie Vaiopoulos
    Ms Naomi Velaphi
    Mr Liam Wallis
    Ms Beth Ellen Wilkinson
    Ms Jeanette Wilkinson
    Mr Maurice William
    Ms Bron Williams
    Mr David Williams
    Mr George Willox
    Ms Anna Wilson
    Ms Linah Winoto
    Ms Cara Wiseman
    Ms Trudy Wyse
    Ms Anna Yates
    Ms Min Zhao
    Anonymous x 16

    Trusts & Foundations

    Principal Partner
    The Dara Foundation

    Supporting Partners

    The Angior Family Foundation (c/- National Trustees Limited)
    Annie & John Paterson Foundation
    The Copland Foundation
    The Hamer Sprout Fund (a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation)
    Henkell Family Fund (a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation)


    Inner North Community Foundation
    Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
    The McLeod Family Foundation
    Sisters of the Good Shepherd
    The Yulgilbar Foundation

    Corporate Partners

    Allens Linklaters

    Egon Zehnder

    Event Partners

    3MBS Fine Music Radio
    Bursaria Fine Foods
    Convent Bakery

    Mornington Peninsula Brewery
    Terrace Gardens Florist

    Corporate Supporters

    Art Guide Australia
    The Bennett Group
    City West Water
    Colour Factory
    Corporate AV
    Folk Architects

    Inside Public Relations Pty Ltd
    Medibank Community Fund
    The People's Solar
    Salesforce Foundation

    Principal Government Partners

    Australian Government Department of Infrastructure:
    National Stronger Regions Fund

    Victorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning: Living Heritage Fund

    Government Supporters

    Australian Government Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development: Stronger Communities Programme
    Creative Victoria

    City of Yarra

    Thank You

    The Abbotsford Convent Foundation sincerely thanks the following individuals, corporate organisations and Trusts & Foundations for their generous support and commitment to the initial restoration work at the Abbotsford Convent once the site was saved in 2004. In particular, the community will be forever grateful to the Abbotsford Convent Coalition – the original passionate group of local residents who fought the seven-year community campaign to save the Convent site from residential development.

    Abbotsford Convent Coalition
    Mr Roger Allen AM
    Ms Joanna Baevski
    Mr John Calvert-Jones AM &
    Mrs Janet Calvert-Jones AO
    Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE
    Lady Marigold Southey
    Mr Victor Spitzer
    Clemenger BBDO
    Colliers International
    Connell Wagner
    Herbert Smith Freehills
    Federal Green Corps Program
    Mr John Glossop
    North Fitzroy Star
    Rider Hunt
    Simmonds Lumber Group

    Sinclair Knight Mertz
    Department of Treasury and Finance,
    Community Support Fund
    The Jack Brockhoff Foundation
    The William Buckland Foundation
    Colonial Foundation
    Dyson Bequest
    The Alfred Felton Bequest
    Fouress Foundation
    Margaret Lawrence Bequest -
    as managed by Perpetual
    Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
    The Scobie & Claire Mackinnon Trust
    The Myer Foundation
    Sidney Myer Fund (as part of the 2009 Commemorative Grants Program)
    The John T Reid Charitable Trust
    The Trust Company as trustee of the Fred P Archer Charitable Fund

    Previous Board Members

    Mr Roger Allen AM
    Prof. Catherin Bull AM
    Mr Anthony Cullen
    Mr David Gibbs
    Mr Tim Hammon

    Prof. Andrea Hull AO
    Ms Patricia O'Donnell
    Mr Hayden Raysmith AM
    Mr Bill Russell
    Mr Mike Smith
    Ms Carol Stuart