In Conversation with Artist Juliana España Keller

    Egg slicers as electronic harps? Oven-racks as bass guitars? Find out how to take part in Juliana España Keller’s world of experimental noise with ‘Sonic Alchemy’. Join her ensemble to rehearse and perform an original composition using kitchen appliances at the Convent this May!

    In Conversation with Artist Rick Matear

    Feeling inspired? Maybe some oils, acrylics, a brush and canvas is what you need! Express yourself with Rick Matear's Painting Classes at the Convent each Tuesday evening from 6.30 – 8.30pm in his studio – perfect for beginners and those wanting to further their artistic skills. We speak to established painter Rick about his inspiration, from Melbourne's coastline to the Convent's gardens.

    In Conversation with Abbotsford Convent Head Gardener Simon Taylor

    Dating back to 1902, the Abbotsford Convent's Heritage Gardens tell a fascinating story of the site's past, which was first created by nuns bringing plants from around the world to the site. We speak to our Head Gardener Simon Taylor ahead of his Historic Gardens Special Tour as part of the Australian Heritage Festival next week, about the rich history of the gardens and the continuing effort to beautify them.

    In Conversation with Artist Leanne Failla

    Is that a sculpture of a dog or is that a sculpture of a sculpture of a dog? How many chairs are there? How do you make shoe laces out of paper? I have that thing in my house! Some of the many thoughts that will run through your mind when you see Leanne Failla's 'Every Object In My House (in paper), on display until Sunday 7 May as part of the c3 April Exhibition.

    In Conversation with Artist Jacqueline Felstead

    There’s just one week remaining of the current St Heliers Street Gallery exhibition featuring Jacqueline Felstead’s ghostly photographic portraits in ‘All Angles Forever’. At first glance, Felstead’s images share the same qualities as 19th Century photographic portraits, but with the use of 3D modelling technology, Felstead manages to capture ‘impossible’ images of her subjects through time.

    In Conversation with artists Eureka and Thea Bates

    Find inspiration in the Convent’s gardens with Art Autumn School 2017, as leaves turn from green to gold. Eureka and Thea Bates’ art school returns to the Convent after a successful summer school. For beginners and practising artists alike, join this unique open studio experience among our heritage buildings and gardens.

    In Conversation with Artist Claire Robertson

    Group meditation, drones, film… Claire Robertson’s new work for the Convent has it all, and you’re invited to join in! We had a chat with Claire about audience participation, collaboration and where the work may take participants. This work features as part of our new public program!

    In Conversation with Hugo Race for Rock & Roll Writers Festival

    On Sunday April 9, Rock & Roll Writers Festival, Australia’s only literary festival celebrating the relationship between writing and music, comes to Melbourne and the Abbotsford Convent for the first time. We speak to musician and writer Hugo Race about his recently published memoir ‘Road Series’ – an on the road diary covering Melbourne’s 1980s punk scene and travels through Europe, South America and Africa. Race, a former member of The Bad Seeds will speak about ‘Road Series’ and the art of the memoir as part of a panel discussion with Rob Snarski and Jenny Valentish.

    In Conversation with Brian Recktenwald, Environment Artist with Naughty Dog

    The world’s leading visual effects artists return to the Convent next week for Gnomon Live: The Art of Entertainment; a two-day event highlighting the best and brightest in the games industry, curated by Hollywood’s Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation. Featuring live demos, master-classes, panel discussions and networking opportunities, Gnomon Live provides insights into the cutting-edge work of leading digital effects artists. We chat with presenter Brian Recktenwald, Environment Artist with Naughty Dog, about the industry, the importance of fostering new talent, and how to break into the business.

    In Conversation With Craig Mathewson and Anahata Giri – Theatreyoga Inventors

    Next month, Convent-based performer Craig Mathewson and One Heart Yoga Director Anahata Giri will host a workshop for a brand new discipline of yoga they've dubbed 'Theatreyoga'. Mixing the disciplines of theatre training and traditional yoga, Theatreyoga aims to move between the meditative practices of yoga and the lively group exercises associated with acting. We chat with Craig and Anahata to find out more about this exciting new discipline and what participants can expect to learn.