In Conversation with Author Tony Birch

    Through award-winning novels, non-fiction, poetry, research and academic writing, Convent-based author Tony Birch has been making distinct contributions to the Australian literary scene for more than a decade. Those contributions have been recently recognised with the 2017 Patrick White Literary Award. We speak with Tony about place, dialogue, ‘Melbourne-ness’ and the authenticity of his work following this career spanning achievement.

    In Conversation with West Wind Collector Market’s Lucile Sciallano

    Starting from humble beginnings with a backyard sale, the West Wind Collector Market is coming to the Convent this weekend, bringing you local hand-made crafts, ceramics, jewellery, homewares and more. We speak with market curator Lucile Sciallano, of La petite fabrique de Brunswick, about the importance of making and buying locally.

    In Conversation with Choir Conductor and Composer Sue Johnson

    For nearly a decade, a dedicated group of singers has converged at the Abbotsford Convent every week to celebrate the human voice.  On Sunday 10 December, the Pagan Angels Choir, led and conducted by Sue Johnson, will be banding together with Johnson's other choir groups for a very special 60-person performance to celebrate the restoration of our rotunda. We speak with Sue about their upcoming performance, and why they keep coming back to the Convent.

    In Conversation with Brewers Feast Co-Founder Tyson McGeoch

    Soak up the first weekend of summer with your mates in our heritage gardens at Brewers Feast – Melbourne's boutique beer and food festival, Friday 1 – Sunday 3 December. We chat to festival Co-Founder Tyson McGeoch to find out about the 90 plus craft beers on offer in 2017, including 14 exclusive festival beers.

    Abbotsford Convent in conversation with Artist Amelia Ducker

    Celebrating the differences and strengths of those who think differently is 'Genius' an immersive live-art performance from six neurodiverse young people who bring you into their wonderful worlds. We speak with the genius behind 'Genius', Amelia Ducker, to learn more about this peerless performance, which opens at the Convent tomorrow night, 9 – 12 November.

    In Conversation with Writer Tony Wilson

    As a self-proclaimed ‘horrible artist’, Convent-based writer Tony Wilson takes a great deal of pride in having his name attached to an exhibition. The author of children’s books ‘The Cow Tipped over the Moon,’ ‘The Selwood Boys’, and more, highlights the talents of his books’ illustrators in ‘The Other Half’, a collection of images from his picture books exhibiting now at our St Heliers Street Gallery.

    In Conversation with Luke Scott, Head Brewer at Prickly Moses

    With nearly 20 beers and ciders in their repertoire, Prickly Moses prides itself on using the best possible ingredients – none more important than the rainwater they harvest from The Otways. We speak to Head Brewer Luke Scott about their range and what they’ll be offering punters at this year’s Brewers Feast, 1 – 3 December, at the Abbotsford Convent.

    Discover your path to wellbeing at WellBeing Open Day

    How do your mental and physical health impact each other? What are some common negative thoughts and habits that impact our happiness, and how can practices such as yoga and Feldenkrais help with this? The Convent’s WellBeing Open Day explores all this and more, providing free taster sessions, linking you directly with a range of practitioners across a number of specialities, and helping you to discover what it means to be well, and to flourish!

    In Conversation with Next Wave Festival Creative Producer Erica McCalman

    With an intimate view of the artists and their project development, Next Wave Festival Creative Producer Erica McCalman gives us a sneak peek into the make-up of Next Wave 2018 following a three-day intensive workshop at the Abbotsford Convent.

    In Conversation with Artist Tai Snaith

    From little things big things grow – including 'Gardening is Not a Rational Act', the group exhibition at c3 Contemporary Art Space, which highlights the artists' love of gardening. We speak with artist and curator Tai Snaith about her garden, her art, and how they intersect.