The Abbotsford Convent Foundation

    This section of the website explains how the Convent is managed and how decisions, policies, regulations and other documents are devised and used. With such a busy community on the site there needs to be stuff in place to make the place as safe and equitable as possible. 

    The Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) is a company limited by guarantee formed and operating under the provisions of the Corporations Act. It is governed by a skills-based Board, responsible for strategic planning and long-term policy setting. The Board sets the vision and mission of the Abbotsford Convent Foundation and the Directors have the same responsibilities as any company director, so they must provide financial and fiduciary oversight and make sure that the ACF operates within all relevant laws. The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer and evaluates the CEO’s performance.  

    The Board has to act within the Constitution of the ACF and the conditions of the State Government’s Deed, which is a lengthy document developed by the government when the ACF was given the freehold to the site. The Deed states that if the ACF is not financially viable, the site reverts to the government.

    In 2016, the ACF Board delivered a new Strategic Plan for the Convent, which was detailed at a presentation held for key stakeholders in October 2016. To read the Strategic Plan presentation by Deputy Co-Chair, David Laidlaw, click the link below. 

    The Strategic Plan paves the way for a new ACF Business Plan, which will be delivered in 2017.

    Tenant Consultative Forum

    This method of dialogue between the ACF and its Tenants was adopted as part of the Feedback And Complaints policy ratified in early 2013. It provides an opportunity to work collaboratively for general tenancy issues and also allows the ACF to formally consult the tenant community on future policies and works.

    Tenant and Site Development Committee Archives

    This committee was formed late in 2010 to provide a forum for tenants to have a say on long-term vision and planning for the Convent. It met quarterly and included representatives of the Board, tenants and management. It was chaired by ACF Deputy Chair Charlotte Allen. In its final meeting on 22 March 2013 it was agreed that the planned implementation of Tenant Consultative Forum would replace the TSDC and it was disbanded.